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Video: Kyle Vanden Bosch Dominates 300-Yard Shuttle Run

Former NFL safety and current National Football Post writer Matt Bowen was at the LeVar Woods Football Academy in Iowa this week. Detroit Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch was also at the football camp, and the two decided to race. The course? A 300-yard shuttle run.

Luckily for us, the race was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, giving us a look at just how good of shape Vanden Bosch is in. Take a look:

I will let Bowen explain what happened in case you can't watch the video.

However, I also had a "race" on my hands. Line up and run the 300-yard conditioning test vs. Detroit Lions DE Kyle Vanden Bosch for the enjoyment of the campers. No stretch or warm-up, just get into a stance and run. And I got my butt kicked. Maybe I should have stretched out those hammy’s, huh?

Vanden Bosch is the definition of a high-motor player, as evidenced by him routinely chasing down the ball carrier in training camp practices last year. He sets the tone for how the Lions' defense should play and practice, and in this race he showed just how athletic he is.