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Detroit Lions Workouts Set To Resume This Week

Two and a half weeks ago, the 30 or so Detroit Lions players that came back to Michigan for four days wrapped up their first set of unofficial team workouts. The workouts were deemed a success because players got a chance to hang out and build chemistry, and the offense even got a chance to run some plays and some two-minute drills.

This week, players are returning to Michigan for another set of workouts at Detroit Country Day. This week's workouts are expected to have more players, including more than just one rookie. Also, this set of workouts is expected to be focused more on practicing plays than just strictly worrying about conditioning. Matthew Stafford wants the offensive rookies there to teach them the playbook, so this could be a crash course in the offense for them and a refresher for the other offensive players.

Throughout the week make sure to check in to Pride of Detroit for updates on the workouts. This offseason has shown why it's important to not take actual football news for granted, and this should be one of the few weeks where there is actually on-field stuff to talk about.