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Lions Players Make This Week's Workouts Private

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During the Detroit Lions' first set of player-organized workouts, the media had full access, resulting in a ton of information coming out. A big chunk of the information was based on interviews with players, but much of it was based on observations of the workouts.

This time around, there may not be quite as much news to report because Lions players have decided to close it to the media. Members of the media were "kicked out" of the practice after players went through warmups. After the practice is finished players will chat with the media, so it's not quite as bad as the Patriots and Panthers keeping the media out altogether last week.

With this week's workouts likely featuring more offensive plays than conditioning, this isn't too surprising. I was a bit surprised so much access was allowed for the first series of workouts, but then again, the focus of those were conditioning drills. This time around the expectation is for specific plays to be run, so I don't really blame the players for locking things down.