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Lions Notes: Matthew Stafford Stops By Rich Eisen Podcast

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  • Matthew Stafford was on the Rich Eisen podcast last week. Stafford's interview begins at the 1:07 mark.
  • Louis Delmas is looking forward to watching film with Erik Coleman to help teach him the Lions' defensive scheme. Also, Delmas is apparently in "daily contact" with Amari Spievey, who was unable to attend the workouts in May because of "issues at home."
  • Speaking of Coleman, he met with Lions coaches at some point (likely right after he signed) and got to talk football with them for a bit.
  • WXYZ's Tom Leyden chatted with Lions receiver Derrick Williams and Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva about their charity softball game. It is going to take place on Saturday in Royal Oak. Tickets are available for $10.
  • Ndamukong Suh said he was recognized by fans in every country he visited during the Gumball 3000.
  • The Lions are ranked 23rd in FOX Sports' NFL organization rankings.
  • One-time Lions running back John Henry Johnson died at the age of 81 over the weekend.