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Detroit Lions Players Resume Workouts (News From Monday's Session)

A group of Detroit Lions players converged on Detroit Country Day on Monday to resume player-organized workouts. The first set of workouts was held in May, and players decided to get together again this week since there is no end in sight for the NFL lockout.

Here is a rundown of news from Monday's workout:

  • 28 players attended Monday's session, including free agent Dre Bly. The three players that were in attendance after missing May's workouts were Mikel Leshoure, Willie Young and Nathan Vasher.
  • Because of the Lions' annual charity golf outing in Dearborn on Tuesday (more on that later today), there will be no workout session again until Wednesday. They are set to take place through Friday, and the thinking is more players could show up later in the week since there will be back-to-back-to-back days of workouts.
  • Per Tom Kowalski, Mikel Leshoure's first name is pronounced "My-Kell." In order to not forget that pronunciation, Leshoure said, "There's your-kell and then there's my-kell."
  • Leshoure said he is well aware of the risk of attending workouts like this without a contract and talked to his agent about it since there is always a chance of injury. Even so, he felt that it was important to attend the workouts and wasn't overly concerned since the Lions aren't doing anything too aggressive. Unfortunately, Leshoure did have a leg cramp that limited him a bit, but starting to learn the offense seemed to be more important than conditioning for him anyway.
  • Matthew Stafford was asked about Leshoure and said, "He's a big kid." Stafford added, "It's good to have the rookies here (receiver Titus Young was also at the workout) so we can help them get up to speed as quick as possible."
  • Justin Rogers posted a photo gallery from Monday's session. Nate Burleson also posted some photos from Monday's workout on Twitter.
  • Paul Pratt apparently was not aware of the workouts taking place this week. He said as much in a tweet directed at Burleson, and later Pratt said he was about to do his second workout of the day. He added that although he may not be in Detroit, he is "sure getting after it."
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch didn't seem completely on board, but he said he likes the "Silver Crush" nickname for the Lions D-line.