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Lions Players, Coaches Will Get To Meet Up At Charity Golf Outing

One of the worst parts of the NFL lockout is that players and coaches have not been allowed to communicate with each other. For a team like the Detroit Lions, which is on the verge of turning around the franchise, this has limited some of the development of players who might spend off days in the film room with their position coach or studying the playbook. In general it has made the offseason much more complicated than it should be.

I find the NFL's decision to bar all communication to be pretty ridiculous, but at least the players and coaches are allowed to see each other at some events. Exceptions to the rule have been granted for special occasions, and the special occasion for the Lions today is their annual charity golf outing at the TPC in Dearborn. Players and coaches are attending the outing, and although football talk has been banned, it's nice that the two sides will be able to get together for the first time since the lockout began. Dominic Raiola knows he has to be careful about what is discussed, though.

"They realize that’s how it is, we realize that’s how it is. Maybe we can sneak in a secret conversation. Just kidding Goodell, I’m kidding," center Dominic Raiola said referring to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after Monday’s informal workout.  

"I think you can say hi to them. I don’t know how that works. I think team charity events that’s all right," he added.

Perhaps the players can talk about how they're training for "basketball" this offseason and discuss all of the different things they're doing to stay in shape. The coaches could even suggest plays for them to run on the "court." This would totally work, right?