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There Has Been A Nick Fairley Sighting

I thought about writing a follow up to the "Where In The World Is Ndamukong Suh?" post for Detroit Lions first-round pick Nick Fairley, but I had no idea where he was. Unlike Suh, who has documented his entire offseason on Twitter, we haven't heard much about Fairley since the Lions drafted him. He hasn't been at workouts, nor has he talked with the media.

I'm glad I held off on the post, because Tom Kowalski reports via Philip Zaroo that Fairley is at the Lions charity golf outing in Dearborn today. He was not at Monday's workout at Detroit Country Day, but he flew in for the charity golf outing.

At first I thought this meant Fairley was going to stick around for three straight days of workouts later in the week, but it turns out he is headed to Washington D.C. after the golf outing to be honored at the White House along with his former Auburn teammates for winning the national championship last season.

It would have been nice if Fairley could have stuck around for the workouts, but I'd say being honored at the White House is a valid excuse. As for where he was for the previous workouts, Fairley said he has been training in Houston and will be "ready to go" if the lockout ever ends and training camp begins.

UPDATE: Chris McCosky tweeted that Fairley "has not and will not attend Lions workouts" because he is still rehabbing an injured shoulder.