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Lions' Nate Burleson To Have Minor Elbow Surgery

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Last month Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson tweeted a picture of his elbow and said that it was starting to look like his knee. The picture was taken before a doctor drained it, but the injury will evidently require surgery to completely fix the problem.

Receiver Nate Burleson said he’s returning to Seattle to have a minor surgery on his right elbow. Burleson hurt the elbow in November against the Dallas Cowboys. It swells up periodically -- today, it looked like a softball -- and he has to have the fluid drained and a bursa sac removed.

Considering how nasty his elbow looked in the picture he tweeted, I'm not too surprised Burleson is going to have surgery on it. When it looks the size of a softball, I can't imagine that feels too good, nor can I imagine it's easy to train with.

On a more positive note, while Burleson is back home in Seattle, he is going to celebrate that his dad finished his degree and graduated from the University of Washington. I'm sure Burleson was hoping to be in Detroit for the rest of this week's workouts, but the trip home to Seattle won't be all negative.