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Red Wings' Kris Draper Works Out With Lions

The Detroit Lions had a special guest at Wednesday's workout: Red Wings forward Kris Draper. Draper works out quite often with Mike Knight, who has been involved in running the Lions' workouts, and Draper decided to attend Wednesday's session. He went through the conditioning drills and even caught a pass from Matthew Stafford.

Draper had a No. 33 throwback Lions jersey on at the end of the session, and Dominic Raiola made a funny remark about what kind of player Draper would be in the NFL:

"He could be like a safety out there. He'd be one of those crazy white safeties."

Raiola praised Draper's work ethic and how much passion he has for hockey and the Red Wings. Stafford said he was impressed by Draper catching his pass and how he worked out.

With Draper in attendance, Kyle Vanden Bosch was asked about how successful the Red Wings have been over the last two decades, and he said the Lions are striving to replicate that success in the NFL.