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NFL Total Access To Tape Feature On Friday's Lions Workout

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During this week's player-organized workouts, Detroit Lions players have decided to allow the media to watch only the beginning and end of their sessions. On Friday, however, former New England Patriot Willie McGinest will be in attendance for the workout in order to film a segment for NFL Total Access, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Mike Knight, the Art of Strength trainer who oversees the workouts, said former New England Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest will take part in Friday’s session for television. McGinest, an NFL Network analyst, will tape a feature about going through the workout and talking to players about it.

NFL Total Access airs at 7 p.m. (Eastern Time), and this feature with McGinest is expected to be on Friday night's show. It will be interesting to get a look inside the workout, just as it will be interesting to get insight into it from a former player like McGinest.