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Baseball Was Not The Sport For Ndamukong Suh

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is quite the athlete. He is a professional football player, and growing up he excelled on the soccer field, the basketball court and even on the track. To say the least, he is a versatile athlete despite his size, and he is probably about as athletic of a defensive tackle you'll find in football.

One sport Suh was not quite as fond of growing up is baseball. He doesn't seem to mind watching baseball considering he attended a Detroit Tigers game earlier this week, but while there he was asked about his experiences with the sport growing up. He said he actually managed to break his nose three times and decided to give it up since it just wasn't for him.

Suh doesn't mind breaking bones, just as long as they're the bones of opposing quarterbacks. He said he likes contact sports, but he would rather be dishing out bone-breaking hits than be the one breaking something.

(Via SportsGrid)