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POLL: What Are You Most Looking Forward To When The NFL Lockout Ends?

The NFL lockout has been going on since March, and we may finally be nearing its end. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but if a deal is going to get done, there is a very good chance it will happen sometime in the next week.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the day the lockout ends. Not only will I no longer have to write stories about how two groups of people can't agree on how to divide up $9 billion, but there will be actual football news to talk about. Gone will be the days of writing a story based on some guy's rankings or some tweet from a player. We will finally be able to get back to news about signings, trades and training camp. To say the least, it will be nice to have real football stuff to talk about.

Out of all of the things that will go along with the end of the lockout, I probably am most looking forward to not having to talk about the labor dispute. Obviously I can't wait for free agency, training camp and the preseason, but more than anything I just will be glad to put the lockout in the rear view mirror.

For you guys I'm sure it's not too much different. By now you're probably more than sick of reading about the lockout, but is the end of stories about the labor dispute what you're most looking forward to when the lockout is lifted? Is it the annual free agency bonanza? Is it something else? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.