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Emmitt Smith Calls Barry Sanders The Best Of All-Time

Earlier this week former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders was asked during an interview about if he was a better player than former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith. Sanders, being the humble guy he is, praised Smith and later said on Twitter that Smith is very deserving of his spot at the top of the all-time rushing yards list.

Yesterday on Twitter, Smith responded to Sanders' comments by doing some praising of his own.

heard about what @BarrySanders very flattered but he shd know i think he's the best of all timeless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

It seems football fans agree with Smith. In a poll on Pro Football Talk about who was the better running back, Sanders currently has an 11,000-vote lead on Smith. This means for the second time in a week Sanders is running away (no pun intended once again) with a poll about being the best at something.