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Former Lion Vernon Turner Is Not A Fan Of Wayne Fontes, City Of Detroit

One-time Detroit Lions kick returner Vernon Turner has a new book out. In it, he rips former Lions head coach Wayne Fontes, as well as the city of Detroit.

"I personally think Coach Wayne Fontes had a huge hand in screwing with my career, and he really did a number on me," Turner wrote. "He made my stay in the organization a miserable experience."

"I wasn't too keen on the city of Detroit in general," Turner wrote. "It felt kind of dreary. Hell, it seemed damn near depressing for me. But I set that aside, because the most important thing for me was having the opportunity to continue my pro career."

Turner went on to say he was "VERY disgruntled" while playing in Detroit. He said Fontes made him feel like a chew toy and never made him feel welcomed. Further, Turner claims the only time Fontes even talked to him was when Mel Gray was hurt.

Turner also claims that Barry Sanders would take food from his locker if he left it out in the open. Turner apparently admires Sanders, so this part seemed to be more of a funny story than legitimate anger like with Fontes. In any case, Sanders had a funny response to the claim on Twitter.

I don't remember eating some of VT's food... But I am sure I asked first if I did.

Turner did say that he liked his teammates and Lions fans, but there doesn't seem to be much love for anyone else involved in his time in Detroit.