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Lions Notes: Cliff Avril Hoping For Long-Term Deal

  • Lions linebacker Zack Follett said on Twitter that he received word that players will be able to report back to their teams on the 25th if a new deal is in place.
  • Cliff Avril reiterated on the radio earlier this week that he wants a long-term deal with the Lions.
  • Mikel Leshoure's No. 1 goal for 2011 is to "find a way to get on the field and make the team." Considering he's a second-round pick and is expected to contribute quite a bit to the Lions' offense, I would say he's probably going to achieve both of those goals.
  • According to DeAndre Levy, OTAs could be reduced from 14 to nine in the new CBA. Also, two-a-days might only include a second practice that is without helmets and without contact.
  • FOX Sports interviewed Matthew Stafford this week.
  • Titus Young is excited join the Lions and make the city of Detroit proud.
  • The Lions in Winter discovered that the Lions are selling a black "Lights Out" Ndamukong Suh jersey.
  • Lomas Brown is hoping that the new CBA provides "total health care" for former players.
  • Adam Schefter thinks the Lions will be one of the most improved teams in the league next season.