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Detroit Lions' Super Bowl Odds Continue To Improve

During the course of the offseason it has been very interesting to follow the Detroit Lions' Super Bowl odds. Just last year they were complete long shots at best, but a good finish to the 2010 season has resulted in the Lions' odds getting much better, especially over the course of this offseason.

The Lions started out the offseason with 40-1 odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl. Just a few months later, however, the Lions' odds dropped all the way down to 20-1 at the MGM Casino. Now those odds have dropped even more thanks to continued betting activity on the Lions.

#Lions have gone from 75/1 to 18/1 to win Super Bowl at MGM sportsbook. "We can't stop the money on Detroit," manager says.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The Lions' odds to win the NFC are even more impressive. They were once 30-1, but now they are all the way down to 6-1. At the MGM, those odds are the same as the Falcons, Saints, Cowboys, Giants and Bears. That, to say the least, is pretty shocking.

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