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Lions Notes: DeAndre Levy Willing To Play Outside Linebacker

  • DeAndre Levy said he will play "whatever position suits our needs best." There has been a lot of talk this offseason that Levy could switch to outside linebacker if the Lions sign a middle linebacker during free agency, and Levy doesn't seem to have a problem with potentially moving outside.
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch was interviewed by NFL Network on Friday about the NFL lockout.
  • If teams violate the offseason workout rules that are expected to be in the new CBA (they limit OTAs and how many padded practices can be held), franchises and coaches can expect to be fined a lot of money.
  • HBO's Hard Knocks is officially taking a year off. It's too bad since the show is always entertaining, but it was just not feasible to have it this year.
  • Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wrote quite the article that tore apart Nate Jackson on Deadspin the other day. The back-story: Kluwe rightfully called the players seeking extra compensation in the Brady v. NFL case "douchebags" earlier this week. Jackson wrote a post on Deadspin in response to this and basically dismissed anything Kluwe had to say because Kluwe is a punter. Well, Kluwe didn't take too kindly to that and wrote a response that is absolutely hilarious and is a must-read.