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Stephen Tulloch Needs More Time To Decide On Future

It turns out Lions safety Louis Delmas isn't the only player recruiting free agent linebacker Stephen Tulloch to Detroit. John Kreger reports that Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch has also been in contact with Tulloch to talk about playing in Detroit next season and beyond.

Tulloch described Vanden Bosch as a "mentor" from their time together in Tennessee and a "good friend," so that is definitely good for the Lions. Vanden Bosch left Tennessee for Detroit just a year ago and has helped lead the turnaround of this franchise. Jim Schwartz was the first to make the move, and he helped recruit Vanden Bosch to the Lions last offseason. Now Vanden Bosch is doing his part in trying to bring another Titan to the Lions.

While I'm sure Vanden Bosch is helping the Lions' case, Tulloch has not yet made a decision about which team he will be signing with. Per Kreger, Tulloch let Vanden Bosch know that he needs more time "to make a contract decision."

To me this news confirms that Tulloch does in fact have an offer from the Lions. I certainly like Detroit's chances of the offer being accepted with all of the connections Tulloch has to the Lions, but I'm not going to get my hopes up too much until a decision is made.