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Nick Barnett Would Like Martin Mayhew's Number

Barring a last second trade, Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Barnett is going to be released on Thursday. Even though he's not technically a free agent yet, many Lions fans have thrown out the idea of him signing with Detroit. He would give Detroit help at linebacker, and he would also get to go up against his former team twice a year if he landed with the Lions.

While the Lions' interest in Barnett remains to be seen, it seems like Barnett wouldn't mind playing for them. Nate Burleson jokingly asked if Barnett had booked his flight to Detroit yet, and Barnett responded with this tweet:

I'm sure Burleson will gladly pass along Martin Mayhew's number to Barnett if he really wants it. And if the Lions are unable to sign Stephen Tulloch, Mayhew may want to get in touch with Barnett in order to shore up the linebacker position.