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Detroit Lions Rumors: Stephen Tulloch Offered Up To $6 Million Per Year

We have heard plenty of information in the past 24 hours about the Detroit Lions and free agent linebacker Stephen Tulloch, including how much his signing bonus could be worth if he signs. What we hadn't heard (until now) was how much the Lions could be looking at paying Tulloch per season if he comes to Detroit. According to Adam Caplan, the average cap hit could be in the neighborhood of $6 million a year.

NFP reported Tulloch has a deal on the table for $10 guaranteed. I'm hearing the APY on that offer is really significant. Could be upwards of $6 mill per.

National Football Post reported that Tulloch's signing bonus would be worth $10 million, so this could be a pretty lucrative deal for him. It's not clear what the market for Tulloch looks like, but based on these reports the Lions' offer certainly seems like a competitive one.