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Lions Notes: Vikings, Saints Showed Some Interest In Drew Stanton

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  • Undrafted free agents Quentin Davie, Cobrani Mixon and DeJuan Fulghum signed their contracts with the Lions on Wednesday. I would imagine most of the other undrafted free agents did as well. Expect the Lions to release an official list of UDFA signings sometime on Thursday.
  • If you are still wondering how the whole fake player signing with the Lions story got started, this is worth a read. Just remember, not everything you read on Twitter is true.
  • Ndamukong Suh returned to Detroit on Wednesday and ran into Mayor Dave Bing and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.
  • Mikel Leshoure got to meet Denise Ilitch.
  • Zack Follett has signed a deal with Roy Sports Marketing Group, which will handle all "marketing, branding, endorsements, partnerships, sponsorships and other various business opportunities" for him.
  • As Darren Rovell writes, the NFL lockout could very well make the league more popular than ever before. If the past couple days are any indication, I think he's right. Pride of Detroit has seen record traffic this week (almost 90,000 page views on Wednesday) and there hasn't even been a ton of Lions news yet. The four months of inactivity thanks to the lockout seemed to have generated even more interest in the NFL now that football is back, and this trend could continue going forward, even when there is less stuff to talk about. That just shows the power of the NFL.
  • Sidney Rice is headed out of the NFC North after signing with the Seattle Seahawks.