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Detroit Lions Rumors: Out Of Running For Stephen Tulloch?

Things have been pretty quiet on the Stephen Tulloch front so far today. Wednesday was filled with lots of news about Tulloch, including multiple reports saying the Lions are interested in him and the tweet about decisions being on Tulloch's mind. Today, however, the only piece of news so far is a tweet from Dave Birkett about the Lions potentially being out of the running for Tulloch.

I'm hearing the Lions are out on Tulloch. Hopefully more details soon. RT @mfranklin313: any word on Tulloch?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Obviously the Lions being out of the mix for Tulloch would be pretty big news, but Birkett's tweet doesn't sound like anything is concrete. Even if it was concrete, things can change with NFL free agency pretty quickly, so until Tulloch agrees to a deal elsewhere, I'm not ready to turn out the lights on this possibility.