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Stephen Tulloch Says 'Everything Will Unfold Soon'

Just a couple days ago it looked like the Detroit Lions were on the verge of landing linebacker Stephen Tulloch. There were multiple reports about offers being made and the Lions making a move to get him, and Tulloch even tweeted about decisions needing to be made.

Since then all has been pretty quiet on the Tulloch front. The Lions agreed to a deal with another linebacker, Justin Durant, and there hasn't been any real news about Tulloch. As it stands right now he hasn't made a decision about where he will play next season, although he did tweet something on Thursday night that indicates we may find out soon.

Trust me fans I see your tweets and appreciate the love you have been giving me. Everything will unfold soon. I promise....less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

Hopefully things will unfold with him agreeing to a deal with the Lions. While the addition of Durant and cornerback Eric Wright are nice improvements for the defense, adding Tulloch as well would really be nice. Suddenly the linebacker position would go from being a big need to a possible strength, and the Lions' defense would really be starting to shape up quite nicely. With the defensive line already stacked and cornerback getting a bit better, throwing Tulloch into the mix would go a long way toward making the Lions' defense a force to be reckoned with.