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Lions Notes: Timetable For Jeff Backus' Recovery Uncertain

  • Jeff Backus' pectoral injury is not of the day-to-day variety, according to Jim Schwartz. Backus will not be ready to go when practice begins Friday morning, and Schwartz says the injury is going to take a "little bit of time" for Backus to get over. Even so, the Lions seem to believe he will be ready for the regular season.
  • Via ESPN Stats & Info comes this interesting tidbit: Drew Stanton is the only quarterback selected in the 2007 NFL Draft that is still with his original team.
  • Jim Schwartz made a very good point about NFL free agency: The finish line is not 6 p.m. today when free agents can officially sign. The Lions will work to improve their roster beyond Friday evening with both signings and potentially trades as well.
  • Even though free agents will be allowed to sign starting later today, they won't be able to actually practice until the NFLPA recertifies and the new league year begins. This means that players already in the league that didn't have contracts when the lockout ended could potentially not get to practice until Aug. 4, the latest the NFLPA can recertify.
  • WXYZ is going to broadcast a Lions training camp special on Friday night at 7 p.m. At 7:30 p.m., WXYZ is going to broadcast a Lions highlight show produced by NFL Films. Apparently it will take you "inside the highlights" from last season. Sounds pretty interesting.

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