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ESPN Names Lions' Facility Best In NFC North

ESPN's Kevin Seifert put together a post earlier this week that looks at "six bests for the NFC North." There are six different categories where Seifert picked the best mascot, team facility, throwback uniforms to hate, non-meddling owner, training camp site and rivalry among the NFC North.

The one and only category that had the Lions named the best is team facility. Seifert chose the Lions' facility in Allen Park as the best in the NFC North, and here's why:

It might be cool to show up for work every week at Lambeau Field, but the Detroit Lions' Allen Park facility is a sparkling and first-class building with most every amenity imaginable. (And I'm not just saying that because the press room includes a stocked kitchenette.) Opened in 2002 at the price of $36 million, it is smartly organized and features a cool two-story hallway that separates the locker room from the weight room. For those interested, it was also ahead of its time in terms of renewable resources, including bamboo floors in the lobby and rubber floors elsewhere.

Hopefully later this month training camp will take place as scheduled and fans will get a chance to check out the Lions' facility during open practices.