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Unnamed Team Sending Out Playbooks To Players?

The NFL believes that teams are following the rules that prevent communication with players during the NFL lockout. Claims suggesting otherwise first came up in May, but after a quick investigation the NFL said no evidence of improper contact was found. They probably didn't look hard enough, though.

This week another report popped up suggesting violations of the lockout rules are happening. This report came from's Adam Caplan and says that one unnamed team actually sent out playbooks to players recently.

While NFL teams are prohibited from having communication of any kind with players during the lockout, that hasn’t stopped some teams from finding a way to communicate with them.

At least one AFC team was "very aggressively" sending playbooks to its players recently, a source with knowledge of the situation told

The NFL may just not want to deal with the headache of investigating all of these allegations thoroughly, but based on how much smoke is out there suggesting violations are happening, I can't imagine it would be that difficult to find teams breaking the rules.