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Video: Ndamukong Suh's 'Touchdown Dance'

Last week, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh gave away tickets to a Katy Perry concert by holding a contest. To enter the contest, people had to record their best touchdown celebration dance and submit it. Suh picked the best video and gave away the tickets to the concert, which he attended.

Suh also posted a video of his own "touchdown dance" after getting a certain number of entries in his contest. Take a look:

Earlier this week I posted a video of Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley's Armor All commercial with Tony Stewart that was based on a celebration dance. It was quite odd in a number of different ways, and in general it was one of the lamest commercials I've ever seen. I can't say Suh's video is anywhere close to being as weird as Fairley's commercial, but it is quite odd to see the big man dancing to a Katy Perry song.

As far as celebrations for touchdowns go, I think Suh should consult Alphonso Smith. He should stay far away from Drew Stanton, though.