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Lawrence Jackson Talks About Offseason Surgery

This offseason Detroit Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson had surgery on his ankle. The surgery wasn't in response to a specific injury from the 2010 season, but rather in response to nagging soreness. The procedure should give him much more movement once his rehab is complete.

He said the surgery was the third one he’s had on his right ankle. There was no point last season where he injured it, instead it was just one of those ongoing, bothersome type of injuries.

"It was a significant improvement (after surgery). My body has to get used to new movement. Every day is a new day type of deal," Jackson said. "It just has to respond. You have to be careful running and things like that, it’s a process."

Even without the extended movement last season, Jackson had six sacks in only 11 games. He came on strong toward the end of the season and showed just how much depth the Lions have in their defensive line rotation with guys like Turk McBride, Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch.