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Lions Notes: The Latest On NFL Labor Negotiations

  • Detroit Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson says the losing mentality that has affected past players in this city doesn't affect him or many of his teammates because so many of them weren't around for most of the bad years.
    "I have no allegiance to those old Detroit (Lions) teams, and Suh has no allegiance. Yes, some guys were around here when they had some rough years, but they've taken those lessons and learned from them. There is now a good mix of guys who have been here and who haven't."
    The roster overhaul the Lions have experienced since the team went 0-16 has been so drastic that a good deal of the players currently on the roster only know losing as what has gone on the past two seasons. They see it as part of a rebuilding process rather than an extension of this team's woes over the past decade.
  • NFL owners and the NFLPA negotiated for 14-15 hours on Thursday. The extended day of talks helped limit the rising pessimism that was popping up during the day and turned it back into optimism by the time talks concluded on Friday. Now there is once again hope that the two sides are working toward getting a deal done soon since time is running out before training camp will be affected by the lockout.
  • If you're a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fan, you will want to check out The Rich Eisen Podcast on Thursday at 10 p.m. on NFL Network.