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Ndamukong 3000: Webisode No. 2 Recap has posted webisode No. 2 of "Ndamukong 3000," the series that is looking at Ndamukong Suh's experiences at the Gumball 3000 a couple months ago. The first episode came out on Tuesday and focused on the beginning of the trip in London. The second one featured Suh and Cody Glenn taking in Barcelona and Monaco. You can watch it here.

During this webisode, Suh and Glenn were pulled over upon entering Spain, and they actually had to pay a fine immediately. Once they arrived in Barcelona they were greeted by quite a few fans, and Suh was recognized by a number of people. They got to their hotel shortly after and did some "OTAs" by working out in their room. At night, Suh nearly took out a cameraman while trying to ride a Vespa, and before he and Glenn knew it, morning arrived. They hit the beach to train before heading to Monaco for the next leg of the rally.

The third webisode of "Ndamukong 3000" will focus on Suh and Glenn's time in Monaco. The preview shows them taking in the lavish yachts and training on the beach by using palm trees as obstacles as the Gumball 3000 trip continues.

I would imagine the third webisode will be posted on Thursday, so keep an eye out for it.