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Lions Notes: Is Matthew Stafford Unlucky Or Injury-Prone?

  • Titans defensive end Jason Babin, who is from Kalamazoo and attended Western Michigan, is happy for the Lions' changing culture. He actually took over Kyle Vanden Bosch's spot in Tennessee, and he talked to Tony Scheffler this offseason about how the Lions (the team Babin rooted for growing up) are moving in the right direction.
  • Former Lions tight end Rob Rubick thinks Matthew Stafford is unlucky rather than injury-prone. I tend to agree with him. What do you think?
  • has a great piece comparing the NFL and NBA lockouts in case you're wondering how they're similar and dissimilar.
  • Speaking of the NBA, Pistons draft pick Vernon Macklin had lunch with Dre Bly earlier this week.
  • The Hall of Fame Game is set to be played on Aug. 7 (one month from Thursday), and despite the fact that the NFL is still in lockout mode, right now plans are for it to be played as originally scheduled. If the lockout continues on past July 15, those plans may have to change.
  • Note to self, don't ever buy a ring worth $76,000 and propose via mail. That's exactly what former Lions wide receiver Roy Williams did, and he not only got turned down, but the woman, who is former Miss Texas Brooke Daniels, kept the ring.
  • Funny or Die spoofed "Field of Dreams" to make fun of the NFL lockout.