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Where The Lions Roster Stands: Defensive End

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Returning from last season: Kyle Vanden Bosch, Lawrence Jackson, Willie Young, Barry Turner

Currently a free agent: Cliff Avril (he will likely be a restricted free agent since he's been in the league only three years), Turk McBride (he will likely be an unrestricted free agent), Jared DeVries

New to the team: None

Defensive end is one of the deepest positions on the Detroit Lions' roster thanks in part to some moves made last offseason. First the Lions signed free agent Kyle Vanden Bosch, who has become one of the top leaders on the team. Later on in the offseason the Lions acquired Lawrence Jackson, who came on late last season as a very good player for the Lions.

Two other players that contribute to this position's great depth are Cliff Avril and Turk McBride. Avril was tendered at a first- and third-round level earlier this offseason, and even in the new CBA he should be a restricted free agent. Avril wants to sign a long-term deal with the Lions, and based how he's played so far in his career, I'd be willing to bet Detroit will give him one. As for McBride, he will likely be an unrestricted free agent. He was tendered at a second-round level before the lockout began just in case he ends up being restricted, so the Lions have made it clear they want him back as well.

Three other defensive ends are currently listed on the Lions' roster. One is Willie Young, who was drafted last year. Another is Barry Turner, who was claimed off waivers from the Bears last December. The other DE on the roster is Jared DeVries, who has technically not become a free agent yet. He will be once the league year opens, and the Lions have already told him he's not in their future plans.

Need going forward?

Assuming the Lions re-sign both Avril and McBride, there will be no need to add any defensive ends before next season. Detroit would have a rotation that includes Avril, McBride, Vanden Bosch and Jackson, which is quite the collection of talent. Young is expected to be in the mix as well after spending last season on the 53-man roster, so outside of adding a body for camp, this position is pretty much set.