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Video: Shaun Hill Flips Into End Zone For Touchdown

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All of the Detroit Lions touchdowns last night against the Cincinnati Bengals were pretty exciting. Early in the game Matthew Stafford had a 26-yard TD pass to Calvin Johnson, and he also had a seven-yard TD pass on fourth down to Nate Burleson, who somehow managed to keep possession and get two feet down inbounds. Later in the game the Lions got a 28-yard TD from Zac Robinson to Nate Hughes on a great pass and catch.

Perhaps the most exciting TD of all from last night was when Shaun Hill scrambled and flipped into the end zone for a seven-yard score. Despite having back surgery in the offseason, Hill moved pretty well and risked his body for the touchdown. After he scored, he celebrated by pointing to the sky to honor his late father in what was a really great moment. Here's the video:

I'm sure the coaches weren't thrilled to see their backup quarterback flying into the end zone like that in a preseason game, but Hill scored and didn't get hurt, so that's all that matters at the end of the day.