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Lions' Calvin Johnson Returns To Practice

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson left last Friday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals after he caught a 26-yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford. He came down on his shoulder on the catch and bruised it enough that the coaches didn't feel comfortable sending him back out there. Since it was a preseason game, there was really no point in possibly aggravating the injury.

The bruised shoulder also kept Johnson out of the next two practices. After having a day off on Saturday, Johnson missed practice on Sunday and Monday. Because the Lions try to be secretive about injuries, some started speculating that Johnson's injury was more than just a bruised shoulder, but thankfully that doesn't appear to be the case. Johnson returned to practice today and said he was glad to be back on the field.

"First day back at practice after I had a little shoulder injury during the game. I have been trying to stay off it – take a couple days to get it right. I don’t like taking too many days off because we run so much. You don’t want to lose shape out there, especially this time of year.

Chances are this was an injury that Johnson would play with during the regular season. Since this is only the preseason, there was simply no point in risking a worse injury by having Johnson practice. It was safer to give him a few days off, and that's what the Lions ended up doing.