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Lions Notes: Joey Harrington Jokes About Bike Accident

  • Joey Harrington joked that he was prepared for getting hit by a car while riding a bike by spending four years with the Lions.
    "I was laying in the ER. I'm in the neck brace on the board and just saying 'get me out of here," Harrington said. "I kinda whispered to one of the trauma docs, 'I played four years in Detroit. I can handle a car. Let's get this thing moving."
    This would be funnier if it wasn't so true, as Harrington was sacked a whopping 77 times while with the Lions. On the bright side, it's good that he is already feeling well enough to joke about his accident considering it just happened earlier this month.
  • Lions linebacker Justin Durant says his jersey number will be 52 when the season begins.
  • Lions safety Randy Phillips was one of the many former Miami players implicated in a booster scandal at the school.
  • Louis Delmas was pretty excited to get back on the field for an actual game last Friday.
  • Jerome Harrison and Mike Bell had only one practice to prepare for the preseason opener and it showed with their not-so-great play. Bell is hoping that with a full week of practice under his belt he will play faster and better against the Cleveland Browns.
  • Speaking of the Browns, they were visited at practice on Tuesday by former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr and former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.
  • Brett Favre worked with Browns quarterback Colt McCoy this summer.
  • The NFL supplemental draft was originally scheduled to be held on Wednesday, but it has been postponed. The reason for the postponement wasn't shared, but the NFL is likely still trying to figure out Terrelle Pryor's status.