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Detroit Lions Training Camp: Titus Young, Maurice Morris, Others Return To Practice

  • Jeff Backus wasn't the only Detroit Lions player to return to practice on Sunday. Quite a few others were back at practice after missing some time, including running back Maurice Morris, wide receiver Titus Young, wide receiver Demario Ballard, tight end Tony Scheffler and cornerback Chris Houston.
  • Young only participated in the 7-on-7 drill and then left the field. Jim Schwartz says this was by design and that Young was doing conditioning stuff.
  • Four of the players who missed Sunday's practice were fullback Matt Clapp, offensive tackle Corey Hilliard, defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch and defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock.
  • Wide receiver Calvin Johnson was back on the practice field after not playing on Friday against the Browns.
  • Backus was glad to be back on the field after missing an extended period of time for the first time in his career.
  • "Wide receiver" Stefan Logan practiced at running back today. Schwartz had this to say about Logan's versatility:
    "That’s what he did for us last year. He carried the ball a lot of times. He’s a good returner, good cover man—he’s a multi-dimensional football player. If he wasn’t 5’3", he might be able to play some safety.

    "He’s a football player. He’s short, but he’s not small. We can do a lot of things (with him) and that’s been in our plans. We haven’t seen a lot of that stuff in training camp, mainly because we’re looking at other players and other positions that are competing for spots and things like that. Honestly, Logan’s really not competing for any spot, it’s just a matter of getting him ready and getting him going. It’s very difficult to get him some returns now in the preseason, but he got one in the first game, and we’ll keep him going there and do some other stuff with him too."
    Last year Logan didn't catch a single pass, but he did have 15 carries. It would probably be more accurate to list him as a running back instead of a wide receiver.
  • Defensive tackle Nick Fairley is no longer wearing a walking boot. Hopefully that's a sign that his recovery is going well and he will be back soon.
  • The Lions are scheduled to practice at 9:15 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday. Monday's practice is not open to the public, but Tuesday's session is going to be if the weather is nice.