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Jahvid Best Has Concussion, Expected To Return Soon

Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best missed practice on Sunday because he did in fact suffer a concussion against the Cleveland Browns on Friday night. Based on the comments from Jim Schwartz and Best after the game it didn't sound like Best had a concussion, but that was the reason he missed practice today.

After practice Schwartz said this about Best's injury:

"When he was originally on the sideline he was bell-rung and then he recovered pretty quickly," coach Jim Schwartz said Sunday when he was asked about Best. "Then he started to experience a little headache so we took him in (the locker room). 

"By the next day he was clearing up and I think that's a big thing. In my experience with guys that have been concussed, usually they finish the game and they feel fine right after the game, and the next day they come in and haven't slept and all the classic symptoms."

Considering Best suffered a severe concussion in college, it's not good to hear he has suffered another one. The good news, however, is that Best hasn't showed signs of the "classic symptoms." Hopefully that means this is a minor concussion and Schwartz is accurate in saying that the Lions "should have him back on the practice field soon."