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Lions 'Awfully Close' To Sellout Of Patriots Game

In case you missed it last Friday night, Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand was interviewed by WXYZ during the Cleveland Browns game. During the interview he had some interesting news to report about the ticket sales for the New England Patriots game that will be played at Ford Field this upcoming Saturday.

Specifically, Lewand said that the Lions are "awfully close" to reaching a sellout. He shared this after being told that there is some buzz going around about the Patriots game potentially being a sellout. The tone of his comment suggested that he didn't want to get people's hopes up, but he was encouraged by how many tickets have already been sold.

Preseason or not, it would be very nice for this game to be sold out. It will be broadcast nationally by CBS (the announcers are going to be Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf, by the way), and considering it's the third preseason game, the starters are expected to get substantial playing time (by a preseason game's standards, anyway). The atmosphere will be more like that of a regular season game than a preseason contest, and it would be nice for there to be a full house.

More importantly for local fans not planning on attending the game, it will be aired live if a sellout is reached. Usually local fans have to watch home preseason games on tape delay, but that won't be the case if a sellout is reached.

Considering just two years ago the Lions were struggling to sell out regular season home games, at the very least it's nice that we're even talking about a sellout being possible for a preseason game.