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Pride Of Detroit Fantasy Football League Draft Set For Next Week

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As the preseason winds down, preparation for fantasy football drafts ramps up. I'm sure many of you have already had one or more drafts, but my one and only league for 2011 -- the Pride of Detroit FFL -- doesn't hold its draft until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Here's a look at the randomly-generated order for the draft:

  1. lions_sucker (Backus That Thang Up)
  2. Sean Yuille (Better Than Mayhew)
  3. The Profiler (LoJack Sack Pack)
  4. DrewsLions (The Blue Suh Crew)
  5. Enforcer (Logan's Shakehouse)
  6. Jettero2112 (Motown Madmen)
  7. latif (House Of Spears)
  8. sgdbw90 (Ndominators)
  9. JCruize (Crackhead)
  10. Nate D. (Epic Beardmen)
  11. Hyperion Ecta (Fairley Suh-perb)
  12. CapitolLions (Delmas Demolition)

Personally I'm not thrilled with having the second overall pick. I prefer to pick in the 5-7 range since you can still get a top-tier player in the first round and don't have to wait so long for your second-round pick. I suppose it's an interesting change after usually not picking that high, though.

If you want to create your own fantasy football league, you can sign up at Yahoo! Sports and use the comments on this post or the FanPosts section to coordinate your league.