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Titus Young Didn't Tweak Hamstring, According To Jim Schwartz

Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young finally returned to practice on Sunday. When learning of that news, my personal hope was that we would no longer hear about his hamstring injury and it would become a thing of the past. It's very possible that will in fact happen, but not just yet.

Young practiced again on Monday, but he left after participating in the 7-on-7 and 1-on-1 drills. According to Chris McCosky, Young had his hamstring taped up and iced immediately after leaving practice, and he apparently was walking "stiff-legged" after this. Young sat out the rest of the practice, but Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said all is well after practice today.

"No," coach Jim Schwartz said when asked if Young tweaked his hamstring. "It was a late practice (Sunday) and he took 24 reps. He took 34 reps today. Every time, as soon as he's done, we're going to ice it. I think he's OK. 

"We are going to do a little more each day and hopefully we get past the point of counting his reps and pulling him out. But right now that's the smartest way to do it."

Obviously you have to take anything Schwartz says about injuries with a grain of salt, but let's hope this was in fact just part of the plan and not another setback. After missing so much time already, it would be a tough blow to lose Young again.