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Detroit Lions Sign Gijon Robinson

The Detroit Lions signed former Indianapolis Colts tight end Gijon Robinson this morning. According to Philip Zaroo, Robinson worked out for the Lions yesterday, and evidently the team liked what they saw considering he is now on the roster.

Robinson entered the league in 2007 as an undrafted free agent from Missouri Western State. He didn't appear in any games that year, but in 2008 he made 14 starts. He made 10 starts in 2009 and started in only two games a year ago. During his time in Indy he had 31 catches for 240 yards and one touchdown.

It seems Robinson can also play some fullback, so he might have been signed as an H-back type of player (similar to Will Heller). His chances of making the team at tight end are slim barring an injury, so he probably will have to contribute at fullback to get a serious look for the 53-man roster.

Nobody was released to create room on the roster for Robinson. After the Lions waived/injured Isaac Sowells on Sunday they only had 89 players on the roster, so the Robinson signing brings the roster back to full capacity.