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Lions Notes: Calvin Johnson Working On Special Touchdown Celebration

  • According to Nate Burleson, Calvin Johnson is working on "the best celebration you've ever seen." Johnson isn't known for his touchdown celebrations by any means, so it will be interesting to see what he does "if the stars align," as he put it. What do you think Megatron is planning?
  • New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said during an interview earlier this week that Ndamukong Suh is "dangerous." He meant that in a complimentary way, as he went on to say that Suh is "a hell of a player." Brady certainly has first-hand experience, as he was sacked by Suh once on Thanksgiving last year.
  • ESPN's Ross Tucker says the NFL should be applauding Suh, not fining him. I like the way he thinks.
  • Louis Delmas is getting ready for the Patriots game on Saturday by treating it like the regular season opener.
  • Interesting factoid about Lions wide receiver Nate Hughes: He is a registered nurse.
  • Jim Schwartz said the Lions are "really, really happy to have" Will Heller, who is currently playing at tight end, fullback and H-back.