Fantasy Football.. update draft is today 8/27 at 9est

I have created 2 yahoo fantasy football leagues.. They are currently open to the public and needs some players.. I am truly looking for people that will be active in playing so if you are serious about playing here. here are the 2 league ID #'s 610877 the league name is Cowboy Hater Nation and the other 1 is 693832 and the name is The Lions Den..

The 1st league drafts on Monday at 8 pm eastern time and the 2nd 1 drafts this Friday at 1 pm eastern time..

Both leagues are 10 team leagues and have defense players and good scoring.

If there seems to be a lot of interest I may move it up to a 12 team league but that will be the limit...

Sorry that this is such short notice but I have been busy lately.. Also I just wanted to state I have been running and playing for a while so I do have an idea of what I am doing but I am always open for suggestions...

Thank you in advance


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