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Lions Notes: Calvin Johnson Shoots Down Celebration Talk

  • Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson denied that he has a big touchdown celebration in the works. He says that Nate Burleson is the one that will be doing the celebrating and is trying to get him involved, but it's just for Burleson. This doesn't surprise me, because Johnson doesn't seem like the kind of player that spends much time worrying about touchdown celebrations.
  • Lions cornerback Alphonso Smith got torched against the Patriots last year, and he said on Thursday that a comment he made to New England quarterback Tom Brady came back to bite him in a big way. From Tom Leyden:
    Alphonso Smith said, "Almost," to Brady after making a play vs. Pats last year. Brady said nothing, then threw 4 TDs - 3 vs Smith.
    Smith said he learned his lesson and won't be picking a "pistol fight with the wrong guys" anymore. That's probably a good idea.
  • Lions safety Louis Delmas will be signing autographs from 2-3 p.m. at the Sports Authority in Dearborn on Sunday.
  • Lions defensive end Cliff Avril doesn't seem to be a huge fan of the Silver Crush nickname the defensive line was given.
  • According to Darren Rovell, 2,000 Lions-Bears tickets were sold on the secondary market. That's in addition to the tickets that were sold on the primary market by the Lions. Rovell called that an "insane number."
  • Soldier Field is replacing its awful field, but not with FieldTurf. Instead the stadium is putting in another natural grass field, which will surely be just as crappy as the current one. Some people just never learn.
  • The Detroit Zoo has a new lion habitat that includes six lions. Five of them were rescued, and they all came from some strange places.
    The Detroit Zoo is home to six lions, five of which were rescued. One of the rescued lions was found in a crack house in 1992 and another was found in the basement of an abandoned home in 1993. Three others came from a Kansas junkyard in 2009.
    How on earth a lion ends up in a crack house I will never know.