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Want To Write For Pride Of Detroit?

As you may or may not have noticed earlier this week, a change was made with the Pride of Detroit writing staff. Jeremy Reisman (a.k.a. simscity) came aboard as a front page writer, and due to a lack of time, DrewsLions had to depart as a front page writer.

The reason these moves were made now is because I'm finalizing my plans for covering the Lions this fall. I'm heading back to Ann Arbor next week and the regular season for the Lions starts in just two weeks. As a result, I want to get these plans taken care of before I start up classes again and before the first week of the regular season arrives.

I'm hoping that Jeremy won't be the only addition to the front page, hence the reason for this post. I would like to add at least two or three more writers for three main reasons: 1) to add more voices to the front page; 2) to add more quality content for you to read; and 3) to ensure there is no drop off in activity when I do start up classes again (in the summer I basically have unlimited time to work on the site, whereas in the fall much of my time is spent focusing on other things).

Before I get into how you can apply, I first want to outline what I'm looking for. As you probably have realized from reading the site, I have the news aspect covered pretty well. Where the site is lacking a bit is in the analysis department. Jeremy's focus will be primarily on analysis, but the more the merrier. It would be great if two or three others could join the site and add one or two (or more if they want) posts a week that focus on analysis. Now, I realize that is a very broad term, but I'm open to all ideas, so I'm making it broad for a reason. The only specific thing I will say is that I'm looking for something different (i.e. something that the site doesn't already have).

To express interest in writing for POD, send an email to In the email make sure to provide writing samples, list what writing experience you have, share how often you would be able to contribute and include an outline or example of what it is you would want to write for POD. Like I said, I'm open to all ideas, but if you aren't really sure how you could contribute, don't bother sending an email. Along those same lines, also don't bother sending an email unless you're serious about joining the site and are a quality writer. What I mean by that is, if your writing requires a lot of time editing grammar/spelling, don't bother sending an email.

Because there isn't much time left before I resume classes and the regular season starts, I would like to have the new team of writers in place by next Friday at the latest. This means we're going to be moving at a quick pace, which is the opposite of the open call I made for writers last year. I ended up putting it off all summer and never got around to it. The one thing it did teach me is to expect a large response, so let me put out a disclaimer right now: I may not have time to respond to every single email I receive about writing for the site. Between packing and moving I am going to start running out of free time next week, so if you don't hear back from me, that is why.