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Lions Notes: Patriots' Albert Haynesworth Not Expected To Play

  • Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is the favorite athlete of Ken Griffey Jr.'s son, Trey Griffey, who is a receiver for Dr. Phillips High School in Florida. (Via Free Press)
  • Lions defensive line coach Kris Kocurek is known for being intense, but I didn't realize he is sometimes this intense:

    Last year, Kocurek got so worked up during one set of two-a-day practices that he needed an IV before night meetings to alleviate muscle cramps.

    "You watch him in practice, he's sweating head to toe, and he's running after the ball and he probably burns more calories than the players do during practice," defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch said. "We told him you might want to stand in the shade or take it a little easy at practice."

    I guess I would be pretty fired up too if I got to coach the Lions defensive line.
  • According to Paula Pasche, Lions cornerback Chris Houston was asked about preparing for how quickly Tom Brady runs the Patriots offense, and Houston said it's not possible.

    "You can’t practice the speed of Tom Brady because Tom Brady’s not at practice ...''

  • ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss reports that Albert Haynesworth isn't expected to play for the Patriots tonight.