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Detroit Lions Roster Cuts: Mike Bell, Dave Rayner, 6 Others Released

The Detroit Lions have made their first set of roster cuts. Eight players were released in the first wave, and the list includes some notable names. Take a look:

  • RB Mike Bell
  • WR Demario Ballard
  • WR Marcus Harris
  • TE Richard Dickson (waived/injured for the second straight year)
  • DT Montavious Stanley
  • LB DeJuan Fulghum
  • S Michael Johnson
  • K Dave Rayner

The two names on this list that jump out to me are Bell and Rayner. After missing the Patriots game with an illness, Bell's chances of making the 53-man roster took a big hit, so it's not a huge surprise he has been let go. Still, it's notable because the running back competition now includes one less player.

It's also not a big surprise that the Lions have parted ways with Rayner. Jason Hanson has locked down the kicking job during the preseason, and by releasing Rayner now, the Lions have given him more time to land a job elsewhere.

The Lions still need to move two more players off their roster by 4 p.m. on Tuesday to get down to 80 players.