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Detroit Lions Reportedly Over Salary Cap

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Detroit Lions are one of seven teams currently over the NFL salary cap. These numbers are as of Tuesday and are unofficial:

Per a source with knowledge of the cap numbers, here are the seven teams that were in the red: Raiders ($17.3 million), Steelers ($11.5 million), Texans ($8.5 million), Vikings ($5.6 million), Lions ($5 million), Cowboys ($3.7 million), and Panthers ($939,000).

Per PFT, the combined amount of the salaries for the 51 highest-paid players on each team has to be under the salary cap. Teams have until the beginning of the new league year to get under the cap, and based on when the new CBA is expected to be ratified, the new league year could start tomorrow.

With restructuring to contracts and cuts, the Lions shouldn't have a ton of issues getting under the cap, but if this report is true, expect some news on changes to contracts and the roster to come out in the next day or so.