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Lions' Nick Fairley Visiting Specialist In Charlotte

I think it's safe to say Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley did more than simply tweak his foot. That was somewhat evident when he showed up to Tuesday's practice in a walking boot, and it's especially evident now that he's been sent to Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit a specialist. Fairley was scheduled to meet with Dr. Robert Anderson, an orthopedic surgeon, earlier today.

Jim Schwartz had this to say about the decision to have Fairley looked at by Dr. Anderson:

"After he left the field on Monday, we did some additional tests," said Schwartz. "We had some concerns about his foot. He was being seen late during practice, so we haven’t heard (anything). As soon as we hear his opinion and course of action, we’ll let you guys know."

While this certainly doesn't sound good, I can't stress enough the importance of not jumping to conclusions just yet. This visit could turn up the bad news that Fairley has a stress fracture, but it also could turn up the good news that the injury isn't quite as serious as some are making it out to be. Until we hear something more definitive, there's not really much point in freaking out over this injury.