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Lawrence Jackson Is Not A Fan Of Patriots' Logan Mankins

The most recent outburst from certain members of the media about Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh being a dirty player came after last Saturday's game against the New England Patriots. Suh took a swipe at Patriots offensive guard Logan Mankins, who grabbed a hold of Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson's facemask. To me it looked like nothing more than a shoving match you see during every game, but some have used the "incident" as another excuse to call Suh dirty.

Of the three players who were involved in the scrum, only one is calling someone else a dirty player, and Suh is not involved on either side. Jackson is, and he made it clear he is no fan of Mankins.

Jackson said the whole thing started because of Mankins.

"Yeah, he's a dirty bastard," Jackson said. "That's all. He's dirty. I kind of called him out on it. Things got a little rough."

Mankins not only shrugged off the comments, but he also surprisingly came to the defense of Suh.

"I wouldn’t say Suh’s a dirty player," said Mankins, who also tussled with Suh when the teams met last Thanksgiving in Detroit. "I think Suh’s a great player. He’s got a load of talent. He plays good and he plays hard. He defends his teammates. He does all the things that I would want in a teammate."

I think I will take the word of the person who was involved in the dust up with Suh over columnists who insist Suh is a dirty player.